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Story by Siobhan Morrin – Logistics Trainee – Rotterdam Office

Traineeship – Work smarter, faster and better
Story by Siobhan Morrin – Logistics Trainee – Rotterdam Office

Who could have imagined a year would fly by so fast? Since I started my career at Samskip, I never had a dull moment.

My background story
I decided to apply for Samskip’s traineeship and after a relatively quick hiring process, the announcement came: I got the job! I was told to start at Greenbridge, the Turkey trade department of Samskip and a joint venture between Samskip and the Turkish firm Intercombi. It turned out I was in for quite an adventure: communicating with customs, colleagues from Turkey and plenty of stakeholders, while dealing with cultural differences, would be challenging the upcoming months.

A typical day at the office
In my job as a Logistics Trainee, it was important to maintain good contact with our customers throughout the day, making sure trains and ferries to Turkey were on schedule. I also had a lot of contact with my Turkish colleagues to make sure everything would run smoothly and possible issues and delays would be solved as fast as possible.

In addition, I got the chance to participate in several side projects and to execute ideas of my own, if successful. For example: managing customer pipelines and identifying opportunities to expand our business.
I learned a lot and was challenged every step of the way. How do you manage customer expectations? How do you solve issues efficiently? I also learned all about the ins and outs of Samskip, as well as the transport sector.

My responsibilities today
After 9 months, I was transferred to a new department where I would have to manage the UK and Ireland customers. At the moment, I am still working here. It offers me a new environment, a lot more customers and higher volumes. The pressure is a little bit higher, since the competition is fierce and you are juggling high customer expectations with small margins.
I am constantly looking for ways to work smarter, faster and better. This creates an exciting workplace in which I am constantly alert to changing responsibilities. It is safe to say that my first year at Samskip has flown by.

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