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Story by Laura Hoogland – Customer Services Coordinator – Rotterdam

Working in Customer Services – Delivering first-class service
Story by Laura Hoogland – Customer Services Coordinator – Rotterdam office

Problems are there to be solved. That is exactly where customer services jumps in. I help our customers with all sorts of questions, offering them a great customer experience.

Together we make things happen
Working at Samskip is beyond challenging, as is working as a Customer Services Coordinator. Our customers are the lifeblood of our business, so it is important to offer them great service. In my job, I continuously learn how to further improve my service skills and how to communicate successfully with the customers I am dealing with. I have learned what it is like to be part of a transport organisation and how to collaborate effectively with different cultures. It is all about togetherness at Samskip. Together we make things happen.

Day-to-day operations of customer services
I have been working at Samskip for over a year now. Together with several colleagues, I am responsible for excellent customer service. Each one of us has their own portfolio of customers, and each customer has their own needs and specifications. We talk to our customers via phone or e-mail and help them with their questions.
The day always starts with checking my e-mail to find out what our customers have to say. A lot of those e-mails contain occurring problems during loading, shipping or delivering their goods. It is up to me to solve these problems as fast and effective as possible. I also help my customers with their bookings and I manage the bookings to make sure everything goes well. Many of our customers want their goods to be transported to the UK, Ireland or Italy, but we also arrange deliveries to Norway, Sweden and many other countries.

More than just providing service
We communicate a lot via phone or e-mail with our customers, but I also get the chance to visit them. Nowadays, customer service is key and that is why we want to provide our customers with excellent service. The aim of a customer visit is to strengthen the relationship and to get feedback. We want our customers to be happy and satisfied with our service.

Communication is key
Customer services is all about communication, not only externally (customers) but also internally. We work very closely with Sales, Trade Management and Transport Planning. For example: when I book a new order, I need to communicate with Sales for the price and when the deal is made, I need to communicate with Transport Planning to make sure they arrange trucks and drivers that match the customer’s request.

Working as a customer service expert is fun, but hectic. Great planning and communication skills as well as a stress-resistant mind-set are crucial for finding a route at Samskip that fits you well. And when you do, working in customer service is one of the best jobs there is.

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