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Story by Francesca Bassi – Customer Service Coordinator – Italy

Working in Customer Services – Prioritise, multitask & coach
Story by Francesca Bassi – Customer Service Coordinator – Milan office in Italy

Today, customers have higher expectations than ever before. As a Customer Services Coordinator, my biggest challenge is finding the best, customised solutions for our customers.

My role at Samskip
When I started working for Samskip in 2014, my first role was managing our Italian customer portfolio. Customer Services has since evolved, and now I am responsible for the transports from Italy to the UK. In addition, I also manage import and export on cross trades for our Italian customers.
There are no seaports in our Italian network. However, we do have seven different rail terminals and a complex system of domestic and international trains.
The Rail Planning department handles over 40 train roundtrips per week. Together, our goal is to make sure that the collections and rail departures are planned based on the vessel cut offs, which is not always an easy thing. It is up to me as a Customer Services Coordinator to fix problems and organise our shipments every day. The balance between supporting our customers and the urgency of operational tasks can be challenging and I always juggle between my customers’ requests and Samskip needs in terms of time and cost-efficiency.

Helping others deliver great service to our customers
What I intensely enjoy in my job is coaching and training new colleagues. I welcome them and make sure they are introduced to the team and the business. I explain the tasks in the job in the best way I can, and I help them become confident in their abilities to do their job well and enthusiastic about helping our customers. It is a very satisfying part of my job as a Customer Services Coordinator.

Prioritise and multitask
To be successful as a Customer Services Coordinator one needs to have the ability to organise the work efficiently; it is all about multitasking and prioritizing the more urgent from the less urgent tasks and problems. That means evaluating each message from our Planning department regardless of whether it is an email, telephone call or face-to-face meeting.
Some messages are very urgent and need to be dealt with immediately, while other might be not so urgent and can be dealt with later.

Working in Italy
Our Customer Services team in Italy is not just a group of colleagues; we are also friends. We are a tight-knit and committed team and I am proud to be a part of it. We accept everyday challenges with curiosity and optimism. Our lunch is always organised in the office’s kitchen, where we eagerly get to know each other better. We like celebrating our birthdays together and we love sharing cakes on Friday mornings.
Although customer services can be demanding and stressful, knowing that customers are satisfied and pleased with our service is what I ultimately aim for. That is exactly what makes me want to get out of bed and go to work every morning.

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