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Story by Esmee van Holt – Customs Assistant – Rotterdam

Working in Freight Forwarding – In the heart of the Rotterdam harbour
Story by Esmee van Holt – Customs Assistant – Rotterdam office

Providing all customs formalities for the import, transit and export of goods within Samskip, that is what my team and I are responsible for every single day.

The Rotterdam office
Rotterdam has Europe’s largest sea port and a major logistics centre: it functions as an important transit point for transport of bulk and other goods between the European continent and other parts of the world. Samskip’s head office is located in the port of Rotterdam and as a Customs Assistant, I love working here: looking at the harbour every day and feeling connected with the job I am doing.

Handling a dynamic job
Before I started at Samskip, I worked in logistics for more than six years as an Customs Assistant. I was looking for a new challenge and I found it at Samskip.
It might sound as a surprise, but my job as Customs Assistant varies a lot; it remains challenging every single day. You have to deal with many regulations and different laws, so you can constantly learn and develop yourself. It is great to have such a dynamic job where you have to deal with different ships, terminals and customers efficiently.

My job as a Customs Assistant
Each day starts with checking our shared mailbox in order to find out how many boats will arrive at our port base. It is up to me to provide al customs formalities for the import, transit and export of goods; correct delivery of documents to customs is one of the most important tasks I have. To do so, it is crucial to be aware of the complex regulations that are in place.
I believe that the social aspect in my job is what makes it so fun. I have to communicate a lot with different departments and levels in Samskip, for example with our colleagues at the RST terminal.

If someone asks me how working at Samskip is, I can easily come up with an answer. Working at Samskip is lively and challenging. There is a great atmosphere, people respect each other and I have the freedom to come up with my own ideas.

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