The route to optimal growth

We believe that Transport Planning is like solving a Sudoku puzzle. You need to mix and match to get the best result at the end of the day. This is what we do, day in and day out, so that we can add value to the success of our customers. Because if we succeed, they succeed.

The heart of planning

With our large multimodal network of road, rail, ships, barge, train and trucks, we are taking our customers’ business to the next level to ensure their products are transported reliably and on time. Sometimes external influences -like strikes, flooding, a tunnel that has been shut down or altered production processes- are the pieces of the puzzle that challenge us throughout our work day. This is when our analytical and communicative skills come into play to fix that puzzle. We believe it is these assets that keep our customers happiest. As the planning department at Samskip, we are the direct link to suppliers, drivers, transporters and colleagues from other national and international departments. While we are constantly working with people in different roles and from different countries, we know that it is important to work together as one.

Grow beyond your expectations

Being part of our team will give you the chance to become an expert in your field of interest, whether that is shipping, trucking or any other type of transport. Through our Samskip Academy, we will support your personal development. That is how we keep your engine running and get you excited about what you do. Because when your engine is running well, so is our customers'. That's our route to optimal growth. The only question is: how fast do you want to go?