The thrill of victory

Who are the people who are using our world-wide shipping network, and all the different kinds of connecting transport modes? That is the main question in the Samskip Sales department: who are our customers and how can we help them best?

Customer focus

We believe that the days in which companies could just focus on their own products are long gone. We strongly believe in our customers. We want to help them to get where they need to be. We inform ourselves about their current operations and their wishes for the future. And only then we start to think about where we can fit in. If needed, we offer a tailor-made solution.


In Sales, knowledge is our most important asset. We educate ourselves on all that could be relevant to our clients. We have specialists that know everything about a specific region, they know all about the infrastructure, routes, bottlenecks and yes, available Samskip products. We also have specialists on specific modes of transport – seas and roads that have different possibilities and different requirements. For our customers, our added value is much bigger than just the products we sell.


If you work in Sales at Samskip, you have people skills. You know how to persuade and close the deal. You like to think at your feet. But you always keep an eye on the horizon, to see if you can clear the ground for future deals. You are always willing to invest in relationships, even if there are no quick returns. You constantly feed yourself with information- on your potential or current customers, on the market, on the Samskip services. But most of all, you are intrigued to find out what your customer needs and how you can help to achieve that.