Build from scratch

Shipping thousands of containers around the world, day and night, requires a lot of data. Which container is where, when, with what weight and to which prize? It is not just us who want to know this. We also want to provide our customers with the most accurate information possible.


All these data need to be collected. And that is where the IT Department comes in. We are the people who like ones and zeroes, the ones that like to focus for hours on end to make sure that data streams are clean and accessible. But it does not stop there, our work has a human component as well. We are always connecting with the other departments at Samskip to find out which data they need. Of course, we are also always on the lookout for other data we could mine that can be useful to the company.

Then, we start to build.


The scope of the IT department reaches further. We are also the ones that make sure that everyone can work smoothly, always. A part of our team takes care of the daily use of IT throughout the company. We provide maintenance and troubleshooting on all kinds of systems during all hours of the day. Without IT, there is no smooth operational business — and we are well aware of that.


To work in IT at Samskip, you love to be extremely thorough. You like data, you like numbers and you like complex structures. But, you also enjoy explaining them to others and obtaining information from colleagues so you can create the best solutions. You are creative and always seeking for ways to innovate. You like to maintain what is already there and you like to build from scratch.