The route to connection

At Samskip we all have different backgrounds. We are 26 and 52. We are men and women. At Samskip, we are as diverse as our customers. That is why we understand their needs; that is how we connect.


Customer service is the gateway for reliable transport solutions. We are the problem solvers who step up when external influences seem to mess up a well-planned schedule. We are the knowledgeable partners that bring clarity in both certain and uncertain times. We believe that strong bonds are built with customers by being able to be their ally on their way to success. That is what makes us reliable.

As the customer service team at Samskip, we are given great freedom to make customer success our business. Together with your colleagues from Trade Management, the Sales department and Transport Planning department you arrange that all our customers will receive the best possible service. You are also the one who is on top of the latest news and events. Because at the end of the day, you are the one who sees everything come together in this fast-paced environment.

World-class support

It is in your blood to serve our customers as you would want to be treated yourself. You live and breathe sustainability and growth of Samskip customers all over the world. We will provide you with the necessary tools you need to keep providing this world-class support to our customers. With our in-house training programs via the Samskip Academy, you always have the opportunity to invest in your personal development. That is our route to reach the highest level of service. The only question is: will you join us?